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Are you ready for Virtual Reality?

During events and meetings, we’ve noticed that there’s many brands out there that don’t know what Virtual Reality could mean for their business model or marketing. We get a lot of questions about the potential offered by Virtual Reality technology. That’s why we offer Virtual Reality Training programs and masterclasses, to educate your team, partners or clients about Virtual Reality opportunities that matter to your brand.

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What is the VR training all about?

There’s many businesses out there that do not know what Virtual Reality could mean to their business, or they believe Virtual Reality is just another hype, following up the Virtual Reality word that was spread in the eighties.

Having had our first events, pitches and launching customers, we know what V-maRketing could mean to drive Brand Engagement in an innovative and entertaining way. Besides that, Virtual Reality technology helps businesses to work cheaper, speed up sales processes and drive business model innovation. During our training we share no-nonsense insights about what we see happening in the VR industry as a startup and how we believe Virtual Reality can help your business to utilize VR, without neglecting the challenges there are when developing Virtual Reality experiences.

Our training and masterclass programs are designed to get your business up to date about what Virtual Reality is all about and what it will do to your industry, partners and clients. You’ll get the information you need to be sure about making or breaking an investment for VR projects. During the masterclass we try to get a discussion started about the possibilities of Virtual Reality for your market, brand and clients.

Virtual Reality that matters to your business

LAB4242 believes that Virtual Reality can help businesses, NGO’s and governments to make the world a better place. We’ll share examples of business cases and applications that matter to business models within the B2B, B2C and upcoming C2B (Consumer to Business) sector. Thanks to our approach, we’ll also name Virtual Reality solutions and/or Augmented Reality solutions that could turn out to be structural problem solvers for your business or branding strategy.

Virtual Reality Brand Experiences

Virtual Reality branding strategies offers consumers and fans with so much more possibilities then just giving them a one-time Virtual Reality experience. That’s why we’d like to help you with our Virtual Reality training and masterclass programs. So you are up to date and know what to talk about when Virtual Reality is discussed at the oval office or when the client asks you about the hype and its opportunities in less then a day!

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