Hi, we are LAB4242.

We love to develop Virtual Reality solutions that matter to your business.

Reasons why businesses chose LAB4242 as their Virtual Reality developer:

  • A clear workflow and transparent communication during the development process;
  • Help to reduce costs;
  • Increase efficiency and speeding up internal processes;
  • Training and educating employees or customers in Virtual Reality 

What people are saying about us:

Lennaert van de Rhoer, SCA Hygiene Products

LAB4242 may be a young company, they are experienced and already very advanced in virtual reality development.
The project had a solid preparation phase. Lab4242 made sure to really understand the needs and all ins and outs of the plan.

Via interviews and sketching the project they created a solid functional requirement document.
With a can do mentality they pro-actively help to improve the project during the process with great ideas and additional features.

Lab4242 does not only creates the project, they really co-own it and are passionate about everything they do.
Concluding we can say the project had a high speed to market and Lab4242 really over delivered the expectations.


SCA launches virtual reality App for retailers – SpaceLAB

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