Welcome to Lab4242!

We’re very excited to welcome you to our brand new website!

In this blog I’d like to share some of our plans for the incoming months and what you can expect of Lab4242.

Gijs Molsbergen in the dunes of Castricum with a Gear VR

That’s me, Gijs Molsbergen, in the dunes of Castricum, wearing a Gear VR and doing a pose that makes me look like a morron ;-)

Our plans for 2016: sharing experiences and knowledge

Besides continuously developing Virtual Reality prototypes, we’ve noticed there’s a lot of interest from people, businesses and events, to welcome us as keynote speakers, demonstrators and exhibitors. Besides having our Virtual Reality Soccer App prototype being demonstrated at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this year, there’s many more upcoming events that we’ll attend.

Inviting us to events and masterclasses is a huge compliment. So hereby I’d like to thank all those who appreciate our work. You help us to be part of the growing Augmented and Virtual Reality community and to make Lab4242 the start-up we’ve always dreamed of!

We review or create your Virtual Reality application

Because of the growing amount of people that show interest in our work or want us to help them make improvements, the Lab decided to accept your invitations and requests. Just submit your request or ask us to build a prototype by submitting the contact form. If you’d like us to test your hardware or Virtual Reality Application, you can also submit a request throughout the contact page.

Let us know want to get in touch with the Lab.

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Best regards,

Gijs Molsbergen and the Lab4242 team

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