This is PaintLab for the Vive: Our VR Painting Application

About a month ago, we weren’t sure if our Beta version of the PaintLab application would be ready to use. But last week we managed to share the experience with hundreds of visitors during the Virtual Revolution event in Veldhoven, The Netherlands.

This is a video of me using PaintLab, right after having made a 3D dinosaur, some sort of Superman and more, playing around with it like toys:


The response of children, mechanical engineers, creatives, product designers and many others was amazing! And during the event we announced that

PaintLab will be submitted to the SteamVR store for free!

Here’s my keynote about our vision, while Caspar is showing his graffiti skills on a Volkswagen van.

I’d like to share with you guys what our PaintLab application is all about, how people used it during the event, also hoping to get your ideas, feedback and support for the near future, while we develop new functionalities for this creative Virtual Reality experience!

A dinosaur and a bee that I “painted” with PaintLab during the event

PaintLab: Virtual Reality That Matters to creatives

Yesterday, during my keynote at the Virtual Revolution event in The Netherlands, I’ve announced that PaintLab will be submitted to the SteamVR store soon, as a free VR App, if the SteamVR community agrees ;-).

What is PaintLab?

It’s a sculpting/painting application for the HTC Vive. PaintLab is a Virtual Reality environment in which users can spray graffiti on objects and sculpt objects by using several forms of 3D paint sculptures. Besides just sculpting in 3D, we’ve added interactive features, with which users can enlarge, minimize and grab their own sculptures.

Why did we developed PaintLab?

We believe that having creative freedom is one of the biggest drivers of innovation. By developing PaintLab we want to see how we can offer a virtual environment that gives total freedom to users from all over the world and all ages, to create their own world, their own designs, objects and more, without having to know anything about coding.

This is why it was great to see children, parents, technicians and older people, using PaintLab intuitively at the event. I even saw one kid sculpt a sword, playing around with it as if he was a little samurai. This is exactly what we hoped to see: users feeling completely free in a world they create themselves in real-time, using their own fantasy and creativity. It’s beautiful. Not only to see what they draw, but also to watch the elegant, almost acrobatic and dance-like moves a user makes while using the Vive.

We’ll be sharing many more video’s showing users, using PaintLab on our YouTube Channel. So make sure you subscribe to the channel, because many ‘Vrogs’ will follow.

When will PaintLab be available for download in SteamVR?

To the point: We’re not sure. It depends on the community if PaintLab will be accepted by the community of SteamVR. But of course we hope this will happen, so we can gain feedback and start developing new updates based upon ideas of the VR Community.

What’s the plan with PaintLab?

For now, we just want people to experience PaintLab and help us to create more awesome functionalities. Sure, we’ve got a major wishlist, but it’s the users that count, including their ideas of how to make PaintLab more relevant and fun for them to use.

At the even, we’ve also had some great conversations with technicians and VR Enthusiasts about what PaintLab could mean to users. Product Designers, Architects, Interior Designers, schools, graffiti artists, mechanical engineers and many other visitors at our booth, had wonderful ideas for PaintLab. Ideas for making it more fun and ideas to make it a must-have application for their business. If you’d like to share an idea, feel free to contact us. We’ll make sure you get credits if we take your idea to the LAB for development.

Our plan is to launch the App and update it regularly with new functionalities and options, as well as other updates we have on our growing wishlist. Besides developing updates ourselves, we might even invite other developers and enthusiasts to join the team and create add-ons.

Invest in PaintLab

We’ve actually had one user, who put off the Vive headset after using PaintLab, asking us where he could give a donation to the LAB. Looking into his bright sparkling joyful eyes, while holding the Vive as if it was a holy grail, we immediately thought of offering a donate option to those like-minded enthusiasts of PaintLab. So we’ve opened up a PayPal account, so users can donate funds to show their appreciation, helping us to save up ‘free hours’ to develop more great experiences and functionalities for PaintLab users. So if you like what we do with PaintLab, donate here and you’ll be on our wall of fame forever (By the way: We don’t have one… Yet…).

This is a great step for us and hopefully the start of a wonderful adventure. And throughout this blog I’d like to thank Mikrocentrum, the organizer of Virtual Revolution, to offer us the stage and booth so we could show the world how we can make Virtual Reality Matter, with small steps at a time.
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