We’re dancing in Virtual Reality!

Since we’ve launchd PaintLab last month, we’ve seen artists and thousands of users PaintLabbing, driving their graphic cards to the max!

Thanks so much for your feedback, enthusiasm and support given to us. We’re planning on launching great new features and will have awesome news to share with the PaintLab Community. Feel free to join us on Facebook to share your artwork and ideas!

Dancing in Virtual Reality

Viewing Live Streams and videos from creative artists such as 1000Errors and Scobot, we realised that our PaintLabbers are a lot of fun to watch while they shape their own worlds.

That’s why we decided to take PaintLab to the next level. I invited my good friend Jochen Kool, a professional dancer, to dance in Virtual Reality in front of a live audience while PaintLabbing! And this is what it looks like:

What’s next for PaintLab? 

As you can see in the video, we’re still experimenting with this new way of live (VR) entertainment. Hearing the response of the audience in Groningen, assured us we’re taking PaintLab into the right creative and technical direction. It offers creative VReedom to performance artists from all over the world.

We want to work with these artists, to make VR entertaining to look at during events for hundreds of people!

At the 4th of June you’re more then welcome to join us during another live “PaintLabDance(?)” event at the iconic Groninger Museum at the night of art and science. Jochen will be there again to show some new moves and you can all give PaintLab a try in front of a live audience!

Ow and check out this great “underwater world” artwork from Scobot VJ, who’s been using PaintLab for a while now:

Painting and sculpting in Virtual Reality, made by ScobotVJ

Painting and sculpting in Virtual Reality, made by ScobotVJ

Scobot Virtual Reality Painting