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LAB4242 was founded in 2015 by Bart Burkhardt to explore the promising new possibilties that Virtual Reality has to offer.

His expertise as software developer led to the creation of award winning PaintLab, a VR painting program for the HTC Vive.

With the help of Valve, PaintLab was introduced with the Launch of their new Steam app store for the HTC Vive and turned out to be a success. A few hightlight of this success;

  • Introduced on dutch radio station BNR radio
  • Featured in Make magazine
  • Featured in documentary Dream The Future

As to date PaintLab has been downloaded 71.346 times. 

The success of PaintLab showed that VR is a promising new medium and got the attention of companies who where interested in exploring if this technology could help them in their businesses.

One of which was Essity, formely know as SCA where we made a solution in their space planning workflow. We used existing shelf planning files to recreate these in VR with the added abilty to change the product planning in VR.

The product named SPACELAB got much interest in the retail industry and showed the future of space management.

Today LAB4242 wants to help customers in making innovative applications

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